Blade MCX RTF – The original micro


Newer version of this heli out, checkout the mCX2 here.

The Blade MCX RTF (ready to fly) is not your typical RC helicopter running on cheap infrared connection. You can say that this micro helicopter flies right out of the box and its overall design enables it to have a more stable and balanced flight. With a simple navigation of the control, even beginners can make it hover in place without crashing the helicopter to the ground. Buy for $70

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade MCX RTF Features:

The Blade MCX RTF is 100% percent factory assembled so you can literally fly it out of the box after opening. All the needed parts are inclusive in the package and its light weight features makes the Blade MCX RTF excellent to fly indoors. It electric dual coaxial blade is very powerful and its rotating rotor offers an extra balance for a more stable flight. One the other hand, among the most excellent feature of this RC helicopter is its dual rate function integrated in the remote control. This serves as a regulator on the remote control that allows users to get used to flying the toy. The remote is basically set on default which is high rate meaning there is no speed regulator. But once you press down the right stick, the speed is basically cut in half allowing users to easily control the helicopter.

The Blade MCX RTF is highly responsive compared to previous models from Blade and it has less trims and virtually no drift. In addition to that, the rotor blades are also made from durable materials allowing it to withstand sudden impact when dropped or accidentally bumped off a wall. One of the most common problems encountered when flying an RC helicopter is the blade coming in contact with the wall or furniture. Low quality blade components will easily snap into two but not the rotor blades of Blade MCX RTF. One of the most noticeable features of this RC helicopter is that it does not easily lose its lift so accidental drops are minimal.

Product Highlight

  • Factory assembled five in one control equipped with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 matching receiver.
  • Four channel transmitter using Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 system with dual rates and digital trims.
  • Gyro and mixer with main motor speed control
  • Fully proportional servos and every package is inclusive of LiPo battery, LiPo charger, and eight AA batteries.
  • Overall dimensions are16.5 x 9 x 6.5 inches and 2.2 pounds in weight.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade MCX RTF Conclusion:

The Blade MCX RTF uses a Spektrum DSM2 radio transmission technology which basically removes unwanted interference that enables a user to fly several helicopters at the same time. The micro size feature of Blade MCX as well as its lightweight design makes it perfect to fly indoors. Charging the flight battery just takes about 20 minutes which means you can fly it as soon as you take it out of the box and install the batteries. All in all, this Blade model offers an excellent RC helicopter model that can be used efficiently even by beginners. Buy for $70